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The International MODAPTS Association Inc. (IMA) is an IRS paragraph 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that trains and certifies MODAPTS practitioners and instructors. It also supports application of, and research on the MODAPTS system. In addition to this web site the IMA publishes a news letter and convenes an annual conference. IMA members come from manufacturing, service, and governmental organizations; sheltered workshops; and academic institutions.

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Upcoming Courses

This section is a listing of courses being offered by IMA certified MODAPTS instructors. Students who successfully complete such a course will be certified as MODAPTS practitioners and will become IMA members for their first year.

October 1–3, 2014

Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky
Dale G. Perry
Perry Productivity Group


If this time and location is not convenient, please contact us to arrange a training session at your location.

October 28–30, 2014

Dearborn, Michigan
George J. Miko
Miko Productivity Group
Veteran-Owned CCR/SAM


If this time and location is not convenient, please contact us to arrange a training session at your location.

    Online Course

    Basic MODAPTS Practitioner Certification Online Course

    This comprehensive course is designed as a 30-hour class that includes 5 modules. The course includes interactive exercises and video examples designed to introduce you to the principles and rules of the MODAPTS® system. Some people have successfully completed the training in less than 30 hours, while others have required more time. Each individual can take the necessary time to complete all 5 modules.
    This 30-hour class includes numerous exercises that reinforce the MODAPTS® concepts, rules and recommendations. Large companies, smaller business, and anyone interested in consistently setting reliable work standards for manually controlled tasks can benefit from learning and using the MODAPTS® system.

    What You Get Upon Completion

    • A suitable for framing MODAPTS® Practitioner Certificate issued by the International MODAPTS® Association
    • Wallet-size MODAPTS® membership/certification card
    • Entitlement to a free one-year membership in the International MODAPTS® Association
    • MODAPTS® online newsletter

    For more information contact the
    Eisbrenner Productivity Group at


Modapts Training for Yellow, Green, and Black Belt will be held October 15, 2014 in Coca Beach, Florida.

Fall Belt Registration
October 2014

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Conference Registration

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Click Here to see the mandatory requirements and prerequistes to register for the Belt classes. You will not be allowed to attend the course unless this requirements are met. An updated flyer will be posted in late August.

Fall 2014 Newsletter

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Answers to frequently asked questions about MODAPTS are found at our FAQ section.

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